I guess now is the time when everyone is posting resolutions and recaps, so maybe I should try to do something more creative, but I’m not going to because I LOVE resolutions.

I like to do lists anyways, but they are usually kind of boring and stress inducing, while resolutions (to me) are much more fun, because they are things you are choosing to do, instead of things you need to do. I will say that I have never had “lose weight” be a resolution, and I think that might be one of the reasons why I still like them.

Generally I like to make a lot of fairly specific resolutions instead of a few broad, vague ones. I know that it’s easier to accomplish something when you can see/know the moment you do it… if you’re resolution is something like ‘procrastinate less’ how are you supposed to know when you have actually accomplished that?

Anyways, here are my resolutions, with a bit of explanation to go along with them

1. knit 6 sweaters (one for sam) I will be SO impressed with myself if I do this, and it’s kind of a two parter, because if I can actually knit 6 sweaters then my stash will be smaller and more manageable.
2. Completely pay off student loans I know I will do this (so maybe it’s a cheat resolution, but I don’t care) because I am getting enough money to cover it from my grandma who passed away last summer. When I do this I will be really excited and then I will know for sure I am growing up because being excited about paying something off is actually a little boring.
3. Find another part time job I have one part time job but I would like another, because I have too much free time and not enough money.
4. Sell knitted items in a store I’m hoping I can do this at locavore since I already know people who work there, but we shall see. I don’t know if this will be something that will really pan out or if I will enjoy doing, but I’m still curious to give it a try.
5. be able to climb 5.10b (preferably outside) another sub resolution for this is to be able to do 3 pull ups in a row– if I can do that it probably means I am strong enough to climb harder routes. Right now I have climbed a few 5.9s in the gym but nothing consistent or outside.
6. lead climb a single pitch route I am terrified of lead climbing (where you place protection/clip in as you climb, so if you fall in between protection you fall a lot farther). I know it’s mostly mental and that nothing will actually happen to me, and all of the sudden I have felt a lot more determined about climbing. I know if I can finish one lead route then it will be easier to do others, which is why it’s specifically a single pitch instead of just ‘lead climb something.’
7. Go to Alaska over the summer I just said goodbye to all my friends in Alaska, and now I REALLY want to go back. My jobs are flexible enough that we can go for a couple weeks, and hopefully I will be able to do/see thing I haven’t yet (like go climbing outside!) and we will probably be spending some time in Anchorage, which will be new territory for me.

So that’s it. If I find my list of 2012 resolutions maybe I will go over those, but I have a feeling I didn’t actually accomplish many of them…