the two month check in

So it seems like generally you think about resolutions at the beginning of the year, when you’re super stoked about them, and then you think about them again at the end of the year when you are trying to remember what they are and if you actually accomplished any of them. And if you can’t even remember them, then you probably aren’t very stoked about them anymore. So to avoid that, I decided to try and do a semi regular resolution recap to see how I’m doing.

So onto the resolutions…

1. Knit 6 sweaters (one for Sam) I’m almost done with my first sweater of the year, (one sleeve left, buttons to sew on, and then like 6 million ends to weave in) so that’s not a terrible start so far! I also have two incomplete sweaters from last year, one of which I’ve been working on, so I think if I can finish both of those I will count them as one sweater. Started thinking about Sam’s sweater, but right now I’m feeling selfish about big garments!


Hopefully this will soon be an awesome looking sweater that fits well!

2. Completely pay off student loans Waiting to hear back from my uncle about money stuff. It’s going to happen though!!

3. Find another part time job Blehhhh this is frustrating– I have a lot of mixed feelings about jobs and haven’t found many that I am interested in and feel qualified for. But really I just need to be applying more. I do have an interview next week though!

4. Sell knitted items in a store Right now I would rather knit things for myself or my friends, and I want to have a stock pile of knitted things ready to go. So not making any progress on this at all.

5. Be able to climb 5.10b (preferably outside) I did climb a 5.10+ in the gym a few weeks ago, so definitely making progress!! I was working on a 5.10- that was super difficult for someone as short as me, but then they took it down before I actually got it clean. So I tried a 5.10+ right next to it and got it on my second try. Now I just need to try it outside!

6. Lead climb a single pitch route Still terrified of this, but Sam and I have been talking about things to do to get over that. So the next two steps are to practice clipping in at the gym with a second rope, and then go to Smith and take some baby whippers (really not even whippers at all) so I can see what lead falling is actually like. I have been learning some other important skills like cleaning anchors, so that the people who I climb with don’t have to climb everything twice!


A highliner over the Red Wall… This is something I can guarantee I will NEVER do

7. Go to Alaska over the summer We bought our tickets for this! We get there late on June 20th (I think) and leave very early on July 10th. Super excited about this, but I have a feeling it will make finding a job significantly harder. And now I just have to wait for four months.

In other news, nothing super exciting has been going on. My mom and aunt visited, which was pretty fun. I’ve seen them both in the last year but it was nice to show them where we live and what Bend is like. And my mom got to see Smith!


My mama and me on Misery Ridge!


All three of us!

The weather was nice for a while and we did a lot of climbing, and then it got kind of cold, but now it’s warming up again. My idea of winter is changing a bit, but I still think it’s not winter if there’s no snow.


Sam belaying our friend Caity on the first pitch of Super Slab, a 5.5. trad route


The Deschutes at Sunset, looking at the Les Schwab Amphitheater and Deschutes Brewery