Things I have accomplished in March (mostly knitting and climbing)

1. Knit 6 sweaters (one for Sam) Finished my first sweater of the year and it is AWESOME. My friend Sarah took a lot of pictures of me wearing it with her fancy camera, so here you go– now you can see how awesome it is too!




Photos by Sarah Peery!

There are a lot of things I love about this sweater but the number one thing is definitely the color–It’s so saturated and rich and wonderful. I have been wanting to knit a mustard yellow sweater for a long time and I’m really glad I finally did. I changed the pattern a bit, mostly unintentionally because of my gauge. Because I was using worsted weight, I ended up running out of stitches right around the armpit, so I couldn’t continue the buttonband the direction it was going. My options were to go straight up or go the opposite direction and have it zig zag, and Sam encouraged me to have it zig zag and I’m really glad I listened to him.

The fit is a little tight, but considering that I had no idea how it was going to fit until I put it on I’m pretty happy with it. The buttons I bought at the antique store across the street, and I ended up using those particular buttons because they were they only set that had (almost) enough!

In other sweater news, I started Sam’s sweater and am maybe a little over a third done with the body. I have kind of been having a hard time with it because it’s so much bigger than anything I would normally knit (especially since I’ve only knit sweaters for myself) that I keep thinking I’m a lot farther than I am. I’m also not really sure about the fit of this one, but I figure roomy sweaters don’t look bad on guys and Sam doesn’t wear tight clothes anyways.

I’m also knitting the last sleeve of a sweater that I started almost a year ago, so once I finish that I can sew both the sleeves on and have another finished sweater! It’s definitely going to happen some time this month

2. Completely pay off student loans No progress on my part, but I think things are progressing elsewhere (The money is coming from my grandma’s estate, and my uncle is finishing up buying my grandma’s house, then my aunt, uncle and mom will get there money, and then I will get the money just for my student loans.) I spent some time this weekend talking about Roth IRAs and all that fun stuff that I don’t understand, and even though I’m not in the position yet to be saving for my retirement, paying off my student loans in 2 or 3 years instead of 10 will save me at least $7,000 dollars, so that’s a good feeling.

3. Find another part time job Still looking. For some reason I am not very good at applying for jobs, and I definitely can’t get a job if I’m not applying so I need to change that.

4. Sell knitted items in a store not reeeeeeally working on this, but I did buy some thrift store sweaters to unravel or felt, so that’s a start! (two of them are cashmere too, can you imagine how awesome it would be to have a hat or mittens lined with cashmere??)

5. Be able to climb 5.10b (preferably outside) Definitely making progress on this! I got another 5.10+ clean in the gym last week (getting it clean means you climb the whole thing without falling or putting weight on the rope), and I got all the way up another 5.10b outside. I also tried a different .10b but it was hard and I got tired. I’m not to the point where I can get them clean, but at this point I’m pretty happy with any .10 outside that I get on.


Barbeque the pope– 5.10b. Photo by Mike Arrera

I signed up for a women’s class through the gym, and I also got a membership, and those two things have already made a HUGE difference. Now I can go to the gym whenever I want, and I am encouraged to try a lot of stuff that I might not try otherwise. I’ve been going climbing with the instructor and that has also made a big difference. So now I am really really stoked about climbing, which leads to the next resolution…

6. Lead climb a single pitch route I totally did this!! It was in the gym, which is a lot different than leading outside, but now I’m not terrified of leading and it’s totally in range to be able to lead something outside. I think something that really helped me was trying more bouldering– I got used to not always hanging from a rope, and I also realized that if I am aware of how and where I am falling I probably won’t get hurt. I am still trying to master actually clipping the rope into the draws so I can do that more efficiently, but actually leading something is kind of a monumental thing for me. I have been refusing to do it for SO long and I don’t regret that (the first time I tried leading outside I had only been climbing for about 3 months and I was NOT ready for it) but now I feel much more confident in my general climbing abilities.

7. Go to Alaska over the summer I hate waiting!! Soonish I think we will start trying to make more solid plans, but I know with most of my friends there is no point in trying to plan things months in advance, so I’m holding off for now. But we talk about going to Alaska ALLLLLL the time, so I can’t wait to actually be there!!

Our Easter weekend was super awesome– Sam’s mom and her partner Stephen came to visit and the weather was phenomenal. It was sooo warm and got me really really excited for summer. We did a hike along the Deschutes, which was very beautiful and I got to wear my chaco for the first time since last fall. I think having dirty feet because you’re always in sandals means you’re really enjoying summer.

We also ate out a ton– We went to 10 Barrel, Noi, and Jacksons corner for dinner, and had delicious wonderful food at all of them. I have (probably) unreasonably high standard for Thai food because there is so much of it in Fairbanks and it is all DELICIOUS, and Noi didn’t let me down!

I don’t have any pictures of our food, but I do have pictures from our hike!


Sam, Stephen and Rosalind making their way down the Deschutes River Trail


I think this is big eddy?


The clouds were either awesome or non-existent. Perfect.


Sam decided he wanted to dunk his head in the river (I think this Tumalo Creek?) when we were at Shevlin Park


I think he kind of regretted it though!