Sam’s sweater (my proposal)

How it went down: I sat in the main chair in our apartment around 10 pm on a Tuesday and waited for Sam to get out of the shower. Once he did, and he was sort of dressed (he was in his pajamas which is a t-shirt and boxers) I told him to put on his sweater because it was all done, and that there was a surprise in the pockets! When he looked in the pockets this is what he saw.



Sam got a very cute surprised look on his face, asked me if I was sure, and then said “oh, yes!” I started crying a bit but I was mostly laughing, and then we hugged and kissed and laughed some more and Sam asked me again if I was sure.

The precursor to the actual proposal has several parts. For one, the fact that I proposed to Sam with a sweater is so perfect for me, and also kind of funny.  In knitter lore, there is this thing going around about the sweater curse– How you should never knit your boyfriend a sweater because after you give it to him you will end up breaking up. There is a variety of reasons (you spent a lot of time on it and he didn’t appreciate it, it fitted terribly and he felt like he needed to wear it anyways but hated wearing it, and Sam’s favorite, you spent so much time working on the sweater that you ignored your relationship to finish it.) but everyone jokes about how you should neverrrr knit your boyfriend a sweater.

So I decided to ignore that and go ahead and knit Sam a sweater in order to get him to marry me. I was really excited about this idea and told a few people about it over christmas break, but mostly wanted to keep it a secret. I told Sam I was going to knit him a sweater so that I could make sure it fit well and so that I could work on it in front of him, but that was all he knew.


Once I finished most of the knitting, I kind of turned into a basket case– I’m not going to lie. I was incredibly stressed out about it for almost no reason at all. We had both talked a lot about getting married, and I knew there was no reason for him to say no. And additional stress was that we ended up fighting a lot that weekend, which I probably took more personally/significantly than I needed to because of what I was planning.

That day, I had spent part of the evening sequestering myself as much as was possible in our tiny studio apartment to duplicate stitch the words “marry me?” to the inside of the pockets on Sam’s sweater, because Sam was supposed to be gone on Monday but he wasn’t, so I had to find a place to add the finishing touches without him seeing it.

In some ways it was a really silly proposal– because Sam was only wearing his boxers and a t-shirt he  made a lot of jokes about who was wearing the pants in our relationship! We laughed a lot (sort of in disbelief) but it was just special enough and also low key enough for the both of us I think. We are not grand gesture type of people, and we don’t like to make a big show out of things, but we like to do special things for each other and I think this turned out perfectly.


I am curious to see what people think about the woman proposing– It obviously doesn’t matter to me and Sam but I can tell that everyone has been a little surprised by it. As someone who has always been friends with a lot of guys gender roles have never been of very high importance to me, but I genuinely don’t understand women don’t propose more often.

Funnily, what was going through my head quite often when I thought about doing this was the end of this song (linked below). So thanks Schoolhouse Rock, for teaching me about grammar and multiplication and also for telling me that I can do anything, including propose to my boyfriend if I want to!