More than half way done!

It’s kind of crazy to realize that 2013 is getting closer and closer to being done… In Alaska school always started mid-August and it usually would get below freezing sometime in early September so in my head I think of August as the fall but that is definitely not the case here.

This is also the beginning of almost all the birthdays in my family… my moms was in august, mine is in September, my brother Thomas and Angelee’s birthdays are in October, and my dads birthday is in November. Then we get a break for christmas and steven-michaels birthday is in January.

I haven’t posted much in a while because we’ve been all over the place and really busy, but I figure I should at least check in on the resolutions because some more have been accomplished! Since I skipped a couple months I figured I would just talk about the ones that were completed or saw some progress, since the ones that didn’t are the same as always.

Aside from the resolutions, I have been doing some pretty fun things, so here are a couple pictures from pre-alaska adventures!


We visited All Ways Wild and Woolly, which is a farm/store a little outside of Bend. They had SHEEP!! These are all the mamas, I’m pretty sure


And we got to feed the baby sheep!! It was awesome.


I went mushroom hunting with some people from my knitting group (and the little girl I babysit) and this was (mostly) my haul. Two boletes and a bunch of morels. Iris was pretty hilarious because almost every time she couldn’t see me she would go “CAIIII-QUINNN!!! CAI-QUINN where are youuu?” which is also what my little brother called me when he was a baby.

Knit 6 sweaters (one for Sam) I am super close to finishing this one! I finished a sweater for me right before we left for Alaska, and I finished Sam’s sweater before we left, AND I started and finished another sweater while we were in Alaska. Well, I started it right before we left and I finished it like, the day we were flying back, but that counts! I am also mostly done with a sweater that I had started last year–I’m currently finished with the knitting but I think I might need to make the straps shorter. So really I just have one sweater left to knit, and that will be 6! (It will actually be 7, but since two of the sweaters were mostly done last year I am counting them each as half a sweater.)


A partial shot of the sweater I finished while I was in Alaska. If I am on top of things there might be a post about this next week with much nicer pictures…

Lead climb a single pitch route I actually haven’t thought about this in a while, but I did lead my first outdoor pitch in May! It was super easy– a really ledgy 5.4 I think, and it was about as scary as I thought it would be. Kind of stressful in the moment, and there were multiple times where I would think about how I just REALLY needed to get to the next bolt so if I did fall it would be okay, but ultimately everything went great and I finished it without a hitch. I’m glad I picked the route I did (the first pitch of Round River, out in the Marsupials), but I’m still not super sold on leading and I haven’t done anything since. A lot of my friends told me it would sort of open up climbing for me, because then I wouldn’t have to depend on anyone to set up a top rope for me, but at this point I’m still only moderately comfortable leading ridiculously easy routes so that’s not true yet.


Lead climbing!!!!


We went to Squamish! It was my first time ever and Sam’s first time climbing, and our friend Chris joined us too! We did two multi-pitches (each one was longer than any others I’d done before) and a couple other random pitches. The slab was so weird and kind of killer on my Achilles, but it was still awesome.

Go to Alaska We did this! It was really fun! I got to see almost everyone I wanted to see, and most importantly, I got to eat at Lemongrass multiple times, and the thai house, and the Pita Place, and Bun on the Run, and Lu-Lu’s. Former Fairbanksans return for the food, what can I say? I don’t want to go super in depth here because Alaska deserves its own post, but I will say I had a good time and it was worth the stress of planning and worrying about how it would affect everything else in life. And here are some pictures!

So that’s a quick wrap up. Now we are back in Bend, looking for jobs, getting settled into our new place, and wedding planning!


Our first night house sitting in Fairbanks! I’m pretty sure I took this pictures around 10:30 at night.


We did a little bit of climbing but there were a few reeeeeally smoky days (which is completely normal for Alaska in the summer) that really limited how much time we wanted to be outside– this one was definitely the worst.