For all you non-knitters, WiP stands for ‘work in progress.’ A lot of bloggers do a WiP Wednesday, because who doesn’t love alliteration??

I decided to jump on that bandwagon this week because I actually have a fair amount of projects that I’m working on, so here it goes!

The biggest:

White Pine, by Amy Christoffers, which is a cabled, V-neck cardigan. Usually when I work on sweaters I do the sleeves last, which sucks because I hate sleeves. The rows are short but the actual sleeves are long, so by the time I get around to knitting them I am jonesing for a finished sweater and also annoyed because it’s hard to feel like you are making progress when you knit sleeves.

I managed to only get blurry photos of the cabley side so you just get to see the inner arms

I managed to only get blurry photos of the cabley side so you just get to see the inner arms

So this time I decided to knit the sleeves first! If I had been REALLY smart I would have cast on for both of them at once, but for whatever reason (probably because it seemed like a hassle) I didn’t so when I’m done with this one I will still have to knit another sleeve, but I’m hoping that overall it will make finishing the sweater more pleasant.

The yarn is Madelinetosh dk in William Morris. Mine is mostly reddish brown with a few teal blue spots, but so far I am liking it a lot.

The second thing I am working on is another sweater! This one is the Wispy Cardigan by Hannah Fettig, and when I cast on I told myself that this would be my everywhere sweater and it would be okay if it took a while. I have been needing an easy stockinette project for when I am out with people or watching a movie in the dark–something I can work out without having to look at the stitch pattern or anything. So this fits the bill!

This is purple, I promise

This is purple, I promise

I am also knitting this one out of Madelinetosh, but this time I am using Tosh Lace in a deep purple, called Dutchess. I am also loving the color, and hoping it will go with a lot of my clothes since it’s so dark. I think I ended up casting on for the 10/12 size, so hopefully that doesn’t come back to bite me.

My last WiP is a shawl that I started back in May, called Stella Luna. And now that I think about it, this project is also in Madelintosh, but yet another weight. Both colors are Tosh Merino Light, a slightly variegated dark blue called Thunderstorm, and a light pink called Corsage. I’m normally not a pink person, but I do like these two together. I’ve seen a few other patterns with stockintte sections and lace section, and for whatever reason I really like the look of the lace sections when they are in a light color.

when this is done, it will look a lot different

when this is done, it will look a lot different

I’m HOPING this shawl will turn out nicely, the size might be a little weird so who knows.

I actually wrote this post last week but never got around to adding the photos, and I was working on another shawl/scarf, but it made my elbow hurt which made me paranoid that I was developing some sort of Ulnar nerve problem and wouldn’t be able to knit like my bestie Mallory, so I put it down. While I really like how it’s turning out, I am realizing how much I hate laceweight. And just to prove I am a madtosh groupie, one of the yarns is also Madelinetosh Lace, in the Iceberg colorway. The other yarn is Noro Kiremeki, which surprisingly enough doesn’t have that much animal fiber, but I am liking for the most part.


yayyy for color changing yarn!