resolution wrap up, 2013 edition

1. knit 6 sweaters (one for sam) I didn’t quite make this one, although technically I did finish 6 sweaters, but only 4 of them were started in 2013. I’m still pretty stoked, because I think that’s just as many sweaters as I’ve knit since I learned to knit? (okay, I just checked, and since I learned how to knit in 206ish I have knit 7 sweaters, so knitting 4 and finishing two more is pretty awesome.


The two smaller photos are of the sweaters I started in 2012 and finished in 2013, but the rest I finished this year! The yellow one was my first one, and the teal/black tank top was the last one

2. Completely pay off student loans YEAHHHHHH I did this! Although I can’t really take any credit for it– the money came from my grandparents estate and the only reason I paid them off (all $18,777.84 of them!!!!) is because my mom had the extra money, so she paid them off and once I get my money I will pay her back. I have to wait for my uncle to take care of this, so there isn’t much I can do about it. Even though I had zero control over it, this is probably one of the resolutions I am most excited about, because it means when Sam and I join finances I won’t be bringing in any debt (which means we will be getting married with money in savings and no debt!) and just because I hated my student loans and it’s a relief to not have to think about that monthly $250 payment, or the extra $9,000 I would have paid if I followed the 10 year payment plan.
3. Find another part time job Ehhhh technically I’ve done this– I am helping out with some kids classes at the climbing gym and doing some freelance web content type stuff, it’s not a big bump in income and not a lot of additional time. So I think I am still on the job search, especially since Sam will be going to school and not working starting in June.
4. Sell knitted items in a store I didn’t do anything with this, because I couldn’t really figure out how to factor in ‘store knitting’ with my personal knitting and knitting for people I know. And probably because I was too afraid/lazy to ask anywhere about this. I’m still curious to see how this would work out, but I don’t know if it would be worth it logistically or monetarily.
5. be able to climb 5.10b (preferably outside) Not really… I was doing pretty well for the first half of the year, but I took a 3-4 month break during the summer and fall and never quite got back to where I was before the break. Plus I haven’t been climbing outside in quite a while because I’m a weenie.
6. lead climb a single pitch route I did this, but I didn’t really enjoy it. I’m glad I can say did it, and I’ll be doing more of it because I should and it will make me a better climbing, but I still find leading pretty scary and not fun enough to WANT to do it. So this is accomplished, but doing it didn’t accomplish what (mostly other people thought) it should/could.
7. Go to Alaska over the summer Yep, and it was pretty great. We got to be in my Dad and stepmom’s wedding, I got to see a lot people I missed, and we got some housesitting gigs which meant we made some extra money, and I got to be in fairbanks for the first time EVER without living with either of my parents, which was a nice experience. There were some people I didn’t get to see as much as I would have liked, and some people I didn’t get to see at all, but you have to expect that, and hopefully some of them I will be seeing at the wedding!


The whole wedding party!

8. Read 52 books I didn’t manage to read 52, but I did read around 35, which is pretty good! I got a nook for christmas of 2012, and that made reading and knitting way easier, so I did a lot more reading since I could knit at the same time. I only reread 4 or 5 of all those, so I read a lot of new books and now I have some new favorites (that I may or may not be rereading right now… )
9. Use my sewing machine more Nope, although I did help my friend Mike make a kilt. I used it a bit in the beginning but I’m having some tension problems with it so it’s been sitting in the box for most of the year.


This post is heavy on the words and light on pictures, but here are some highlights from 2013, in no particular order…

Climbing at Squamish for the first time!

Climbing at Squamish for the first time!

getting engaged-- this ring was my grandmother's-- she gave it to me because my birthstone is a sapphire, but it works really nicely as an engagement ring :) (plus part of me is please my engagement ring was free!)

getting engaged– this ring was my grandmother’s– she gave it to me because my birthstone is a sapphire, but it works really nicely as an engagement ring 🙂 (plus part of me is please my engagement ring was free!)

Being each other for halloween-- We can both wear each others pants which is a little frightening

Being each other for halloween– We can both wear each others pants which is a little frightening


Backpacking to see wildflowers in Jefferson Park


Getting to see little brother unexpectedly because my dad and stepmom moved to Medford!


Ridiculously warm weather for end of the year snow shoeing

So there you have it. 2013 was a weird year with lots of ups and downs, but what year isn’t? There is always room for improvement though, and I’m going to try to make that happen in 2014.